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Media entrepreneur and founder of The Adelante Movement, Nely Galán led The Adelante Movement workshop, presented by Coca-Cola, as part of the 2014 NCLR (National Council of La Raza) Annual Conference.  The event began with “A Conversation with Sheryl Sandberg,” during which Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, author of “Lean In,” and founder of LeanIn.Org., and Galán discussed the ways gender and racial biases hold us back and how we can work together to create a more equal world.

The packed audience sat enraptured as the women held an honest discussion about the deep-seeded gender biases inherent in not only American society, but all around the world.  Sandberg spoke of the subtle ways society systematically undermines women and their achievements while highlighting and reinforcing those of men.  She spoke of her own experiences in business, feeling that she should just be grateful for a job offer at Facebook and not fully negotiate all the terms of her contract.   The conversation continued touching on various subjects from work and career to family and financial issues, providing amazing insights into our societal conditioning.  Sandberg spoke of her own mother not learning to drive a car because it was socially unacceptable, pointing out that we should keep those traditions which are helpful and discard those which perpetuate these biases.

Sheryl Sandberg and Nely Galán
The conversation was followed by “Latina Entrepreneurship in The Digital Age,” a presentation from top Latina executives at major tech companies:  Eliana Murillo (Google/YouTube); Adrianna Samaniego (Google); Nuria Santamaría (Twitter); Francesca “Cesi” de Quesada Covey(Facebook) and Myrna Soto (Comcast). The technology experts held sessions on building your own website, using social media to promote your business or personal brand, how to use Twitter, Vine, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to get your message out as well as how to protect your information with the latest internet security techniques. 

The workshop was very informative and enlightening for anyone wanting to maximize their online presence, especially Latinas who are the emerging economic force in the United States and one of the fastest-growing entrepreneur groups as well.   The workshop and the information presented will soon be available on the www.theadelantemovement.comwebsite.

Nely Galán, (Right) media entrepreneur and founder of The Adelante Movement, presented  “Latina Entrepreneurship in The Digital Age,” a presentation from top Latina executives at major tech companies:  (L-R) Myrna Soto (Comcast), Francesca “Cesi” de Quesada Covey(Facebook), Nuria Santamaría(Twitter), Eliana Murillo(Google/YouTube); and Adrianna Samaniego(Google).  The Adelante Movement workership is presented by Coca-Cola as part of the 2014 NCLR (National Council of La Raza) Annual Conference in Los Angeles.

The workshop also included interviews with three Latino internet stars who are using social media to build their brands and create successful online businesses: Kathy Cano-Murillo, founder of; Giahda Aguirre de Carcer, who has successfully funded her docu-series on Kickstarter and Rudy Mancuso, Vine superstar with over 4.9 million followers.

The three were shining examples of what can be achieved with creativity and resourcefulness in action online and on social media.  These folks are surely worth following on social media and watching as they continue their rise to the top of their fields.

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The Adelante Movement (Move Forward!) founded by Nely Galán, is a grassroots movement that empowers Latinas financially and entrepreneurially in the U.S.  It encourages Latinas to play a leading role in American society, economics and politics and become an integral part of the national conversation, in order to provide their children with the future they deserve, as active citizens of this country. The Adelante Movement: Tour is a series of national empowerment conferences, supported by a digital community, presented by the Coca Cola Company, that inform, mentor and inspire Latinas to take action. Join:


Ram Trucks signed on as title sponsor of show offering brand integration opportunities

“Los Cowboys,” an English-language, half-hour reality series from Corral 360, will go into production in July and will premiere exclusively on Hulu this fall. “Los Cowboys” follows the lives of a group of Latino/a urban charros (Mexican cowboys) from Los Angeles and their quest to gain respect as bona fide cowboys.  @hulu. @corral34, @Ivettesaucedo, #Loscowboys,

“Los Cowboys” is a real-life dramedy starring a cast of Hispanic millennials and acculturated Latinos and Latinas living different urban city lives in Los Angeles, while simultaneously sharing a passion for horses and the art of Charreria, the Mexican rodeo, which began over 100 years ago as horse competitions among cattle ranchers.  The men and women of “Los Cowboys” juggle the trials and tribulations of their daily career and family lives with their love and commitment to charro sports such as bull riding, wild bronc jumping, horse reining and trick roping.  Their commitment and the excitement comes with major dangers and risks, but -  for these urban cowboys - it will all be worth it if they manage to qualify for a coveted spot at the Rodeo Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico, and finally earn respect and credibility as charros. 

The show features a wide range of opportunities for branded content and integration in categories ranging from home improvement, travel, food, beauty, telecommunications, alcohol, etc.  Within four months of launching, Corral 360 has signed the Ram Truck brand as a title sponsor via Lightning Strikes Entertainment.  Ram will play an integral part of the story line with continuous brand integration and several vehicle features. Former Fox executive Emiliano Calemzuk is invested in Corral’s entrepreneurial endeavor and is a partner in the Los Angeles-based company.

The cast of “Los Cowboys” includes Alex , a young but ambitious TV producer who is an avid horse and rodeo enthusiast.  He takes care of the family ranch and keeps his family’s traditions alive.  Joeyis Alex’s best friend and younger brother.  He is a florist and a bassoon player who understands and respects the world of charrea, but who strayed from the charro world long ago. Robert is a team captain and horse trainer who is a hilarious wild card that speaks his mind.  Mariselais a sassy team wife and TV executive who keeps the charros in check.  Rafael is a Los Angeles entrepreneur who is an all-star charro, faithful team leader and dedicated family man.  Adrian is a Los Angeles firefighter, a heartthrob and a rookie with something to prove. Ivette is a model and a witty beauty queen.  She is as fierce on a horse as she is on the runway, making her a social media star with thousands of followers. @IvetteSaucedo.

“Los Cowboys” is created by executive producer Alex Corral and produced by his Corral 360 Production Company.  The series will air exclusively on Hulu.

About Corral 360
Corral 360 is a production company, targeting Hispanic millennials with high quality, general market content for a complete in-culture experience.  The company’s first venture is “Los Cowboys” a reality series featuring a group of Latino/a urban charros (Mexican cowboys), set to debut in October 2014 exclusively on Hulu.  Corral 360 is also developing properties in the reality and scripted comedy and drama series.  For more information:

About Hulu
Hulu is an online TV service whose mission is to help people find and enjoy premium content when, where and how they want.  As we pursue this mission, we aspire to create a service that users, advertisers and content owners unabashedly love.

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