June 23-25, 2023 – Christopher Fields Complex in Westminster, Colorado

ELLA Sports Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to level the playing field for Latina and girl athletes, plays a key role, along with Triple Crown Sports, in organizing the Third Annual Triple Crown International Challenge, taking place June 23-25 at the Christopher Fields Softball Complex, 5875 W. 104th Avenue (105th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard) in Westminster, Colorado. Click for Information and Registration.

“I am proud of ELLA’s collaboration with Triple Crown Sports, organizing these important events for girl athletes,” says Manny Travieso, ELLA’s Director of Sports Programming. “For the third time, we welcome players from around the country and abroad who get an opportunity to meet other players and improve their skills, discipline, team building, and self-esteem. Thank you, Triple Crown Sports, and WBSC, for this incredible partnership.”

“Triple Crown is proud to be a part of the International Challenge with ELLA Sports Foundation,” says Sarah Pow, Fastpitch Softball Event Director with Triple Crown Sports. “Each year, this event continues to grow, allowing more players to have the opportunity to represent their country and family heritage, making new teammates and friends along the way.”

“I wanted to thank you guys and Ella Sports Foundation for giving the girls this opportunity,” says Bruce Lum, father of Audrey, one of the players evaluated at the 2022 event. “It’s become a reality. We are representing Team Colombia and playing in the inaugural 15U WBSC Pan American Games Softball Tournament in Lima, Peru. Hopefully we will qualify for the Championship held in Tokyo, Japan in October. Thanks again for all you do for women’s sports.”

The 3-day gathering features several events, including:

  1. June 23-25: The Third Annual Triple Crown International Challenge, powered by ELLA, brings together U.S.-born high school-level girl athletes who are chosen to play for their heritage, representing more than 21 countries. This event was created by ELLA’s Athletics Programming Director, Manny Travieso to:
  • Showcase U.S.-born elite softball players in front of college coaches scouting for talent;
  • Showcase U.S.-born elite softball players in front of National Olympic Teams;
  • Allow players from different nationalities and backgrounds to play for a country they could never otherwise play for due to political laws or Olympic restrictions (i.e. Cuba, Japan, Middle-East, etc.).
  1. June 26: The Triple Crown All-Academic Games. ELLA, in collaboration with Triple Crown Sports, will choose 15 players to participate in the All-Academic Games taking place in Aurora, Colorado. These players will showcase their skills in front of top universities around the country at a major discount for ELLA members, thanks to Triple Crown Sports.
  2. June 26: ELLA Evaluation and Tryouts for National Olympic Teams. ELLA organizes an Evaluation and Tryouts Softball Camp for aspiring players that could possibly play for national Olympic teams. For the third straight year, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), working with ELLA, has assembled representatives from specific countries that are looking for U.S. talent of their country’s heritage to play in upcoming international events and qualifiers. This is the first year the European Federation is taking part in the event. Currently, there are more than 35 U.S.-born players signed to play for national Olympic teams from over 30 countries, like Puerto Rico, Peru, Philippines, Israel, Great Britain, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Finland, Croatia, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Panamá, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Bulgaria, Croatia, among others. For questions and information, please email: Info@ellasportsfoundation.org.


ELLA is the Spanish language word for “She.” The acronym stands for Empowering Leadership in Latina Athletes. It was founded by teenager Lilly Travieso and her mother Patty Godoy. Lilly began playing sports at a young age. Over the years, she became passionate about playing softball and dreamed of playing the sport at a top university someday. Lilly embarked on a strenuous mental, physical, and academic journey to achieve her dream. However, along the way, she discovered the many obstacles and disparities faced by Latina athletes culturally and economically.

After an arduous journey facing many obstacles and with the help of her parents, Lilly applied to and was accepted to Cornell University on a sports scholarship. Her own struggles inspired Lilly to establish an organization that would help young Latina athletes like herself to have the same opportunities, such as the mentorship and support they need as they embark on their own athletic, academic, and professional journey. With the help of her mother, Patty Godoy, Lilly founded ELLA Sports Foundation, a 501(c) non-profit with a mission to support young Latinas to become leaders of tomorrow through sports and academic excellence.

ELLA, which stands for Empowering Leadership in Latina Athletes, seeks to develop strong Latina leaders who will positively impact their communities while establishing their legacy. The ELLA network provides young female athletes with opportunities to prepare themselves with college preparatory courses, high-quality training, valuable networking, athletic and college mentorship, and exposure to leadership opportunities.

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