Get back to nature with Fisher Space Pen Co.’s new Outdoors Series carrying the Realtree logo. Realtree is one of the strongest Outdoors and Hunting Brands in the U.S. The series is created especially for fishing, hunting, camping, and Outdoors enthusiasts, and contains the following models:
338-RT Cartridge Space Pen with Realtree Logo

Fisher 338-RT Cartridge Space Pen with Realtree Logo

400B-RT Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Realtree Logo.

400-RT Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Realtree Logo

400BGFG-RT Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Gold Colored Finger Grip and Realtree Logo .

Fisher 400BGFG-RT Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Gold Colored Finger Grip and Realtree Logo

 725B-RT Matte Black Trekker Space Pen Laser Engraved with Realtree Logo.

725B-RT Matte Black Trekker Space Pen Laser Engraved with Realtree Logo

“We are delighted to partner with Realtree, a powerhouse brand in the outdoor space, to create this special series for hunting, fishing, and outdoor enthusiasts,” says Matt Fisher, Vice President. “Fisher Space Pens are tough, durable, and functional in all weather conditions.”

“Working with Fisher Space Pen is one of those fun, cool projects we really enjoy getting involved with,” said Realtree Director of Licensing Brian Doughman. “Outdoorsmen and women truly want and need quality products that perform in the harshest conditions, and there’s not much nature can throw at a Space Pen that it can’t handle. Collaborations like this show the passion and connections to the outdoor lifestyle that support the foundation of our brand.”

The Fisher Space Pen was created by Paul C. Fisher, an inventor, and entrepreneur who spent over $1 Million of his own money to develop a pen that astronauts could use in zero gravity. The result: A patented pressurized ink refill, which uses gas to force thixotropic ink to flow, even in zero gravity. Fisher Space Pens are also loved by thousands on Earth for their durability, design, and functionality. They write upside down, under water, in extreme temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees F (-35 to +121 Celsius), over almost any surface and three times longer than the average pen. Watch How They Work.

The Fisher Space Pen brand has become an iconic symbol of American technology and design around the world. The famous Bullet design is part of the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art as an example of classic industrial design. It has also become part of American pop culture and the subject of hundreds of fan videos and several films and TV programs, including an episode of the hit series “Seinfeld” titled “The Pen.”

Fisher Space Pen Co. is a family-owned company proudly manufacturing Made in America products. The company was invited to the 2019 White House Made in America Showcase and was featured in FOX Business’ Mornings with Maria. Two years ago, it celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the maiden flight of its iconic AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen aboard NASA’s Apollo 7 Mission on October 11, 1968. The company was featured on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir’s “Made in America” series. Watch video.


Realtree is the world’s leading camouflage designer, marketer, and licensor with over 1,000 licensees utilizing the Realtree camouflage brand. Thousands of outdoor and lifestyle products are available in Realtree camouflage patterns. In addition, Realtree is committed to supporting individuals and groups that work to ensure our outdoor heritage, the conservation of natural places, and the wildlife that resides there. Find Realtree on Realtree 365, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and at


When crewed space missions began, astronauts had a problem finding writing instruments that would function properly and safely in space. The ink in regular ballpoint pens wouldn’t flow in zero gravity. Instead, Astronauts used pencils, but the lead often broke and became a hazard floating in the capsule’s atmosphere. Paul C. Fisher, who was then president of the Fisher Pen Company and had been manufacturing ballpoint pens since 1948, took on the challenge of creating a pen that would work in zero gravity.

After spending over $1 Million of his own money and years of research, Fisher developed his patented pressurized ink cartridge that keeps solvents from evaporating and allows ink to flow in zero gravity. Fisher sent samples of his prototype to Dr. Robert Gilruth, Director of the Houston Space Center. The prototypes were thoroughly tested by NASA and passed all tests. NASA astronauts began using the Fisher AG-7 Anti-Gravity Space Pen aboard the Apollo 7 Mission, and Fisher Space Pen has been used on all crewed space flights since, including NASA and SpaceX missions, the ISS, and space programs around the world.