Reyes Entertainment Services

Public Relations

In over 20 years in business, Reyes Entertainment has created and executed dozens of PR campaigns for entertainment, business and media clients in both Spanish- and English-language media markets.  We offer our clients a combination of PR services across traditional media, digital and social media spaces, customized to fit each client’s needs.   We are able to deploy a wide range of services that include:

Publicity and PR

Branded Content Placement

Media Relations

Professional Guidance

Crisis Management

Press Release Distribution

Writing and Press Kit Production

Blog and Social Media Management


Reyes Entertainment also offers its clients marketing and experiential events services ranging from planning to creative to execution.   Our agency has created special events and marketing activations for a variety of clients including Latina Magazine’s Inaugural, First, Second and Third Anniversary special events; The Los Angeles International Film Festival Opening and Closing Night Events; The NY International Latino Film Festival sponsor activations; Imagen Awards Event; Bravo Awards, among many others.  Experiential events services include:

Planning and Budgeting
Venue and Catering Contracts
Talent Procurement
Production and Logistics
Media Relations
Special Activations


Through a new association with GAMAGI (Geo Advertising Marketing and Gaming Innovations), an Austin-based start-up, Reyes Entertainment now offers its clients unique mobile activations via AugTag™, a new augmented reality mobile application which allows users to “plant a flag” by installing a picture or video memory of a special event at the location where it occurred.  Users can visit the location to view the “tag” that was left behind, tap on it and receive a message, greeting or other cool experience.  Using  AugTag™, Reyes Entertainment can create unique activations such as couponing, scavenger hunts, video and music promotions, among many other uses.  The GAMAGI platform offers these key services: 

Geo Location:  Address to latitude/longitude, latitude/longitude to address, store and retrieve data nearby.

Media Sharing:  Share photos, videos, audio files, and graphics.

Unique Experiences:  Enhanced mobile experiences with augmented reality.

Advertising:  Advertising to customers via AugTag™ globally or regionally.

API:  Create your own applications using our API.

Analytics:  Provide impressions, clicks and physical tag visits.