About Reyes Entertainment

Reyes Entertainment is an award-winning communications, marketing, and social media boutique agency – experts in the Latino media markets – servicing a diverse roster of Entertainment, Media, and Lifestyle Brands. Our team is lean and mean. We are bilingual (English-Spanish), Culturally-Intelligent Communications professionals based in Los Angeles and New York City. We are storytellers who know how to bring a brand’s message to life. Our experience, expertise, and contact lists are wide-ranging. From public and media relations to content creation, social media, and event production, we provide clients a range of services across the U.S. and Mexico.

Our Mission

We connect our clients to audiences via culturally-intelligent storytelling that transcends borders, ethnicities, and language.

Reyes Entertainment specializes in a unified market approach based on lifestyle and cultural preferences to reach and engage consumers. We leave no stone unturned to securer every opportunity to expand our clients’ brand visibility and influence.

Gabriel Reyes is the Founder and President of Reyes Entertainment. He is a Communications and Latino Market expert who has led the agency through the profound shifts, which continue to transform the media and communications landscapes in the United States and across the world. He has amassed a wealth of experience and several awards servicing film studios, TV networks, celebrities, live events, and lifestyle brands for over two decades.

Reyes is also helping clients navigate the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic’s effects by creating culturally-sensitive communications, marketing, and social media strategies that position clients in the best possible light during these unprecedented circumstances. In an age when one social media post or advertisement can make or break a brand, thoughtful planning and execution of communications are extremely important for brands and personalities.

Culturally Competent Communications for a New Age

The social, economic, and racial upheavals of 2020 have laid bare the need for a paradigm shift in media and communications. In this new era, communications professionals must be culturally competent and take the lead messaging values of truth, inclusion, diversity, decency, compassion, practicality, and common sense. Communicators who possess Cultural Competence and Emotional Intelligence as well as honesty, self-respect, and personal integrity, will enthusiastically infuse these values into all aspects of their work.  Communicators can play a part by using the power of words to tell new stories that build community, broader connections, a deeper understanding, and a more peaceful and equitable world.