Established in 1997.

Reyes Entertainment is an award-winning communications marketing and social media boutique agency that offers multicultural and bilingual media relations, marketing and mobile solutions to a diverse roster of film, TV, celebrities and other entertainment clients as well as Lifestyle Brands across the U.S. and Mexico. Our mission: Transcend languages and borders to connect clients with consumers. 

“Transcend languages and borders to connect clients to customers.” 

Reyes Entertainment was founded by public relations and Hispanic marketing expert Gabriel Reyes. He has led the agency through the profound changes overtaking the media and demographic landscapes, adapting to new technologies and cultural and political trends in order to maximize value for the Agency’s clients. The agency uses a unified market approach based on lifestyle preferences, rather than language, age, education or other traditional market segmentation tools to reach consumers. Reyes Entertainment leaves no stone unturned in order to provide its clients with every opportunity to expand sales and influence as well as engage more consumers and stakeholders.