This quarantine has taken me back to my college days when I used to journal religiously. I remember how I used to regard it as therapy and always felt better after a journaling session. I don’t know why I stopped journaling but I’m glad this quarantine has led me to rediscover it and its benefits.

Helps me Remember Things Better

We know how putting pen to paper improves our ability to remember our thoughts and concepts better than using a laptop.  In a March 3, 2020 article in, writer Elyse Hauser noted: “Researchers at the Norwegian Center for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education found that reading handwritten text activates different parts of the brain than reading typed text. Your memory of handwritten words is tied to the movement required to make each letter. This might be what helps the memory of what we’ve written hang around in our brains a bit longer.”

Helps me Achieve my Goals and Keep Track of Progress

This is why I keep a well-worn notebook on my desk on which I jot down my daily to-do lists as well as other notes and thoughts I deem important. Writing down my to-do list helps me to achieve my goals and keep track of my progress in different areas of my work and life.

Helps me Remember Appointments

Besides my online calendars, I also keep a paper planner handy where I write down all my appointments. It’s an excellent back-up in case your electronic devices are not working or available.

Helps Relieve Stress

In my view, the emotional benefits of journaling is one of the most important reasons for putting pen to paper. I find that simply writing down the day’s events opens up an emotional wellspring from which deep emotions start to flow. In rediscovering my old journals during this quarantine, I’ve returned to my old journaling routine and have found comfort and solace in doing so.

Jotting down the day’s events as well as my reactions and emotions around all that is going on allows for base feelings like fear, apprehension, anxiety, anger, loss, and other low-frequency vibrations to be released. I can then consciously re-direct my thoughts and imagination into a more constructive and positive mindset.

After a journaling session, I notice in myself a calm and focused demeanor. I can only think of it as the effect of writing down my thoughts. It is akin to the clear-headed feeling that overtakes me after a strenuous workout. Stillness and relaxation.

There Many types of Journals

If you think Journaling is not for you, consider all the ways you already journal. If you write down grocery lists, keep track of your workouts, calories, to-do lists, and appointments, you’re already journaling! People also keep Sketch, Dream, and Gratitude Journals.  Happy Journaling!