It is not business as usual for marketers and PR practitioners during this Coronavirus Pandemic. The media landscape and the mood of the country call for brands to recalibrate their corporate culture, operations, supply chains, human resources, finances as well as public relations, marketing, advertising, and communications. Generally, the focus for brands should be on Building Community. Following, we offer a few tips on how brands can pivot to meet the moment and PR and communications tips to grow customer loyalty and earn the public’s goodwill :

Communicate what your brand is doing to 1) Ensure the health, safety and financial well-being of employees; 2) Providing customers with price reductions and other incentives; 3) Providing generous terms for vendors who might be hard hit.

Be part of the Solution: 1) Set up contributions to hospitals and organizations fighting the pandemic; 2) Donate supplies, if available; 3) Re-purpose your business to manufacture needed supplies; and other such actions.

Put a major focus on Earned Media, which is a more trusted source for news and information.

Expand on your Digital footprint to maximize current trends.

Create varied digital content ranging from informative to service-oriented to light-hearted entertainment.

Use email to inform. Use social media to inspire and call to action.

Use podcasts to impart detailed information and service-oriented features.

Take a light-hearted approach to humor, especially around Coronavirus.

Practice sensitivity with all public communications.

These are but a few strategies brands can deploy as the situation unfolds. We at Reyes Entertainment are doing all we can to help our clients navigate this difficult time. We are here to help.