I’ve been working from home for a little while and have discovered some hacks that might make this time more bearable for all of you office desk jockeys that have been making the daily commute to your offices miles away for years. 

Simply follow these simple tips to ensure domestic tranquility and a much easier workday. But careful, you might really like working from home and refuse to go back to the office when this is all over!

Self-Care: Wake up earlier than usual and use the time for prayer, meditation and exercise.

Nutrition: Eat a decent breakfast. It’s called “break” “fast” because you haven’t eaten in over 8 hours. You need to nourish your body in the morning.

Get Ready: Take a shower and dress for the day. Do not work in your pajamas and house shoes.

Keep Office Hours: Sit at your computer and start work at your appointed office hours. Be vigilant during this time which represents your morning block of work. Most of us will have a tendency to pretend we are home.  Soon, we’ll get up, wander around, watch TV, fix a snack, go outside and check out the neighbors and/or any number of strategies to distract ourselves from the work at hand. This is where your focus and willpower come in. Stay strong!

Take A Morning Break: Take a break mid-morning. Get up, stretch your legs and body. Take deep breaths and look out the window. Daydream for 15 minutes.

Take a Lunch: Take a midday lunch break.  Eat your lunch in the dining room, not in your office. Think about the items you are eating in a positive way, telling yourself how good they taste and how good they are for you. This sends a message to your body for it to maximize its benefits.

Afternoon Delight: Take a mid-afternoon nap. Lie down, close your eyes, breathe deep and clear your mind for 15 minutes. This tiny respite will give you a “second wind” so you’ll sail through the rest of your day.

Set Your Quitting Time: Observe regular office hours even if you’re working from home, unless you’re dealing with an emergency.  Take the time to go into the other room, greet your spouse and family, have dinner and enjoy quality time.

Each day will unfold in a different way but keeping these daily habits will give some structure to your life as you remain in quarantine.  Good luck and stay safe!