As we celebrate our 26th year in business, we at Reyes Entertainment are proud to reflect on our accomplishments in 2022. Our longevity in the business reminds us of the legendary PR Guru, Lee Solters, my first boss in the field of Entertainment PR, who used to say: “Same circus, different clowns.” Throughout my career, I have seen a steady stream of characters come and go. Some with staying power, and others have fallen by the wayside.

Me? Like the Stephen Sondheim tune says: “I’m still here.” Truly, my gratitude for all I’ve done and continue to do knows no bounds. Not to mention my gratitude for all my clients – a long list of wonderful people with amazing talents and projects with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work, helping them achieve their goals.

Despite the continuing fallout from the pandemic and an ever-changing social, political, and economic landscape, the need for a seasoned communicator who understands the power of a compelling narrative is more important than ever. In the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in misinformation work its way into accepted mainstream “conventional wisdom” such that many people are operating under false information, willfully or subconsciously spreading it.

2022 was no different. At Reyes Entertainment, we understand the influence media exerts on the hearts and minds of the public. We, therefore, strive to remain faithful to facts and truth in our quest to provide our clients with the best advice, tools, and PR services that ensure success for themselves and their endeavors.

On the personal front, I am proud to have written and published “Last Call: A Collection of Short Stories, Essays, and Poems.” This is in addition to two illustrated books published during the pandemic: “Grace, Glamour, and Grit: An Illustrated Anthology of Powerful Women,” and “Time Travelers: A Vampire Story.”

The past year, we continued our long relationship with iconic actress, comedienne, and guitar virtuoso CHARO. Besides guiding her social media efforts, we secured a beautiful feature in The New York Times titled “The Brilliance of Charo,” and several TV placements such as ABC’s “The View” and “MTV Cribs.” Charo was also featured in W Magazine’s “The Originals” issue in a feature titled “The Eternal Charm of Charo.” In addition, we are collaborating with Charo on several possible TV and film projects.

We also worked with award-winning filmmaker Juan Escobedo who, among other projects, directs short films for young audiences educating them on the benefits of sexual education. Through our efforts, we secured several high-quality placements, including an interview on the daytime medical program “The Doctors.”

We also worked with author, producer, and activist David Damian Figueroa, publicizing his children’s title “El Oz,” garnering myriad placements in both English and Spanish, such as “Palm Springs Life.”

We also continued our long relationship with Fisher Space Pen, the famous “Astronaut” pen that flies on every crewed space mission. We not only garnered millions of impressions across print, online, and TV outlets, but we were also instrumental in establishing new sales in Mexico.

We were also fortunate to work with filmmaker Rick Castañeda and his Vibrant Penguin production company, whose feature “All Sorts” was showcased at the 2022 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (“LALIFF).  And, we were also honored to work with legendary Hollywood actor Pepe Serna, whose documentary “Pepe Serna: Life Is Art” was also showcased at LALIFF. We worked to organize and secure a major placement for Pepe on the Spectrum News series “Everyday Heroes.”

We were also proud to work public relations and celebrity engagement for Farmworker Justice LA Awards, including overseeing the production of a post-event sizzle reel.

As the 2022 holiday season approached, we were retained once more to undertake public relations for Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández annual Merry Achi Christmas tour, which took them to 23 cities throughout the West and Southwest United States, securing dozens of placements on radio, TV and online/print in both English and Spanish, such as CBS2 Los Angeles.

We welcome 2023 with open arms! We are generalists, with experience in public relations in several areas such as TV Film, Books, Celebrities, Corporate, Sports, and Media, as well as talent management and professional assessment in the entertainment industry. We look forward to continuing our work highlighting people and projects in the Latin space into the U.S. mainstream, as well as contributing our experience and expertise to the communications industry.

We wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!