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Reprinted from (by Joey Styles).  Turnabout is fair play, but did Albert Del Rio cross the line of professionalism? The night after WrestleMania, Dolph Ziggler did what many men before him have done: cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against a vulnerable World Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

At WWE Payback, knowing that new World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler was just medically cleared to compete following a very serious concussion, Del Rio attacked the vulnerable champion, striking Ziggler in the formerly concussed skull repeatedly until The Showoff could no longer defend himself, or the title.

The victory pushed the bounds of acceptability, and since the controversial (and arguably unprofessional) win at WWE Payback, The Essence of Excellence has been hounded viciously by his foe. Del Rio has not been able to appear on WWE TV or Live Events without being mercilessly attacked by the former champion from any and all directions, despite WWE doctors’ insistence that Dolph take time off to recover.

Ziggler attacks Del Rio on Raw | Photos from Del Rio’s win at WWE Payback

But on the June 24 edition Raw, it was revealed that Ziggler had been medically cleared, and the rematch was set: At Money in the Bank on July 14, Del Rio will know Ziggler is coming for him. Judging by another rabid attack of the wily champion on Raw, Ziggler wants Del Rio to see his retribution coming.

Medical clearance doesn’t matter to Ziggler anymore. Neither does looking good. The Showoff cares about mercilessly battering Alberto Del Rio as much as is humanly possible before pinning his unconscious shoulders to the mat and steal back the two things he loves most: “Big Gold” … and, of course, the show.

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