AguaLucha is a real Mexican agua fresca drink in convenient ready-to-use bottles, available at food service establishments, convenience stores as well as online. Unlike other sugary flavored waters, AguaLucha is only 100 calories and is made with natural ingredients and sweetened with real agave and cane sugar. AguaLucha comes in four refreshing flavors beloved by Mexicans: Jamaica (Hibiscus), Tamarindo (Tamarind), Mandarina (Mandarin) and Limón (Lemon). AguaLucha’s promise: To make the best, real agua fresca Mexican drink (¡sin chingaderas!) that satisfies the taste buds and celebrates Mexican culture.  AguaLucha is real Mexican, but straight from Los Angeles.
AguaLucha four flavors lo rez
AguaLucha is a great compliment for Mexican food as well as pizza, hamburgers and other types of foods.  It is a fun, flavorful low-calorie drink loved by Mexicans and non-Mexicans alike.  Its playful name and Lucha Libre image appeals to all age groups – kids, teens and adults.  Its vibrant citrus, hibiscus and tamarind flavors are also great cocktail mixers for tequila, vodka, gin and whiskey.
Lucho y Nacho
AguaLucha aguas frescas was created by Mexican-born entrepreneurs  who go by their alter ego luchador names Nacho and Lucho.  They named AguaLucha in honor of their luchador family roots. Their Tío Chucho was a Mexican luchador during the 1940’s whose wrestling name was “El Mechudo” (Wild Hair). Tío Chucho and his wife Tía Tórtola were great friends of legendary Lucha Libre icon El Santo.
Lucha Libre is the quintessential symbol of the Mexican people and their culture because Mexicans are real life luchadores who confront life’s challenges with grit and strength. AguaLucha’s tag line: Aguas frescas para luchadores auténticos means AguaLucha is for those real luchadores de la vida who go out each day and win at life.
AguaLucha Carts Truck
AguaLucha’s mission is to provide consumers with enjoyment by experiencing the best and most authentic high quality beverages that honor, celebrate, and promote the rich Mexican cultural tradition. AguaLucha brings fun to Mexicans and non-Mexicans alike. The AguaLucha brand also seeks to support and encourage Hispanic Americans to gain skills, experience, and confidence to feel very secure and succeed in the United States. ¡A huevo!