Join @AguaLucha aguas frescas and Billionaire Burger Boyz @BBurgerBoyz for a Burger Smackdown Pop up this Friday March 2 from 6 to 10 pm at @Sarasmarkets Sara’s Market, 3455 City Terrace Drive in East L.A.  #Chingón!
BBBoyz Pop Up Image
Regulars will line the block to get their hands on those juicy “daddy” burgers and jambalaya fries, a great compliment to AguaLucha’s four exotic flavors: Tamarind, Lime, Hibiscus and Mandarin.
59bc1fbb-c3e4-46cd-918d-070546204482 says: “Billionaire Burger Boyz is giving you heavyweight comfort, stacked bigger and wider than even LA has ever seen. These are burgers without borders, stacked to the ceiling with ingredients both classic and crazed.
From burgers tossed up with onion string avalanches, to burgers loaded up with crab and crawfish, not to mention fresh wings and exquisitely seasoned fries, it’s a food truck looking to combine worlds and expand imaginations. Along with stomachs. Bring your A-game, these boys are playing in the big leagues.”
AguaLucha is a real Mexican agua fresca drink in convenient bottles, available at restaurants, taco shops, taco trucks, convenience stores as well as online. Unlike artificially-flavored waters, AguaLucha is the real deal. It’s made with natural fruit flavors and sweetened with agave and cane sugar, for that authentic agua fresca taste. At only half the calories of a regular soda, AguaLucha comes in four refreshing flavors beloved by Mexicans: Jamaica (Hibiscus), Tamarindo (Tamarind), Mandarina (Tangerine) and Limón (Lime). AguaLucha’s promise: To make the best, real agua fresca Mexican drink (¡sin porquerías!) that satisfies the taste buds and celebrates Mexican culture.  AguaLucha is real Mexican, but straight from Los Angeles.